A Game ByThankCreate

1000 Ways to die

The hardest game ever! 18 stages of adventure and puzzle is waiting for your challenge. It's a game for the most brilliant people in the world.

Caution: For thoses people whose IQ below 250 please don't even have a try. It will really drive you crazy!

★Name changed from Rage Adventure★(for some copyright issue)

For Android Download: APK FILE


level 1-3:

shoot the clock in the right side for 6 times.

level 2-1

walk left at the beginning time.

level 2-2

the first princess is fake. Jump on the top platform!

level 2-3

Tap on the face of the monster.

level 2-4

Drag the prompt board.

level 2-6

Tap on slime in the last round.

level 3-2

Jump on the Spring for 3 times to break it .

level 3-3

Go back to the Startup Page of this game to get the key and then go back to this level.

level 3-4

Walk right to get the diamond , then walk left to save the princess.

level 3-5

First you should jump on the spring for 3 times to break it .


  • All of the backgound music come from 3.0). It's really a good place to find high-quality audio resource.
  • Most of the sound effect come from ChinaZ.
  • Some of the ASCII art come from WikiMedia(CC 3.0 or in public domain).
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